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Post Info TOPIC: Supporting the Fulltime Lifestyle

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Supporting the Fulltime Lifestyle

My wife and I look forward to the day we can live fulltime in an RV.  We are currently working on our debt retirement.  We hope to be able to have our fiver and truck paid for as well. Unfortunatley we will not have much invested to create an income once we get there.  We don't need much to live on and we know that we may not be able to travel as much as we would like so that we can obtain work in certain areas.  My question is what kind of work is available on the road.  We are not afffraid to do just about anything.  Our current jobs are not ones that would be road friendly.  Any suggestions would be very helpful not only to us but I am sure to many on this forum. 

John and Terri


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Google Workamper. You will find LOTS of info. Also, consider volunteer work. It might not give an income but you could receive a free site in exchange, thus saving money on campsites.


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Greetings and Welcome to the Forum, John and Terri!

Good question, and you already have the answer, so just look around and figure out what companies need to work to be done that you can do.  Where ever you go, there will likely be companies just like those that are around where you are now.  Work camping does not mean you have to be working in a campground.

The main difference is you would not be interested in a permanent job.  There are seasonal jobs in almost all areas.

We have been in hosts in a private campground, just for the site and some perks.  There are a number of things I can do that are needed, should we work for $$.  The primary difference is they would not be a career, just a temporary job.

Think along those lines, and you will be amazed at what you may find.  What RVers bring to any job is happiness and a good work ethic.  Those are in demand almost everywhere.

Since you are a while away from pulling out, you may take a course or learn something in demand everywhere before you depart.

Good luck!

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You're in the same boat as my wife Madonna and I.   We're going to have to work for a few years until we can access "some" of the various funds set up for retirement purposes.

The sale of our home will more than likely net us NOTHING, so we're going to start this purely on our savings over the next couple of years. The PLAN calls for having a years worth of living expenses in the bank, that in a perfect world we really won't touch all that much, we'll live off of what we earn.

What we'll do for work hasn't really bothered me much, and perhaps it's because of the way I've lived over the years.   Everything, and I mean everything that I do is done over the internet.  Banking, communicating, working, paying the bills.... you name it, it's done over the internet.  I've been living this way since 1993!  Heck, I even met my wife on the internet!

Some career's lend themselves to being done "virtually" more than others, without a doubt.  I'm a Web Developer/IT Manager, so it's really a no-brainer.... there are oddles of jobs out there that I can perform either on contract, small projects, etc... all done "virtually". 

Madonna is a process analyst for a major company, not so "virtual" friendly, but when you break down what she actually does and the tools she uses (she's an Excel MASTER) she also see's where she can work "virtually" with relative ease.

Beyond what lot's of people consider "work-camping" which we will certainly do as part of our plan, the other part is working small contract projects and even working as TEMPS in major metropolitan areas during the winter months.

We currently live in Phoenix, AZ.  The amount of places for us to park for awhile, and still be relatively close the city are numerous, the costs aren't that great, and we could earn decent money working TEMP for the winter months that will fund some of our travel expenses for the spring-summer-fall.

Even though I have a very "virtual" friendly career, It's important that I don't get caught up in working too much, so I have no problem working lower-paying "jobs" to get by on, rather than going after much higher-paying gigs that require more commitment and time to keep going.  It'll be a balancing act, but knowing I have the option to earn more when I need to eases my mind.

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My wife and I have been full timing for about 10 years. I actually started full timing to follow my job. Now we cannot even visualize going back to an a brick and mortar house. My wife also worked at various commute type jobs for a while, but is now a full time virtual assistant. As long as she has an internet connection, she can work.
With the advent of internet through cellular, and internet through satellite, both for a reasonable amount of money you can now run a business any where.
As a virtual assistant she can do Web Pages, Spread Sheets, Word Documents, Publisher Documents, Mailings, and just about anything else computereze for her clients. It is a lucrative business for any one so inclined.
Some thing we have also been involved in is drop shipping. This is a business where you contact a drop shipping company, and find a product that you would like to sell. You then build a website and actively market that product. The drop shipping company then packs and ships the article for you. An example of a drop shipper is megagoods.com Another company  http://www.worldwidebrands.com  is about the best source of information and training for drop shippers that we have found.
Jaimie a fellow blogger has a book for sale called supporting your Full Time RV Lifestyle which you can find at http://www.rvlifestyleexperts.com/rv-books/books-for-working-on-the-road/support-your-rv-lifestyle/  I should check if she has this book on clickbank, since I have recommended it so many times, I should be making some money on it.

Just rest assured that with a little bit of digging, you will never be without an income of some kind.

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