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Post Info TOPIC: Purchase Fulltime RV now or wait?

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Purchase Fulltime RV now or wait?

We are looking for some advice. We have the dream to Fulltime in the near future. I'm on the 5year plan and DW is thinking more towards a 7 year plan. We have been looking at what we want in a Fulltime RV rig and really like the Montana 3400RL. I will have to purchase a new tow vehilce before we head out on our adventure. My delimma now is, we probably wont have the funds to purchase both the rig and the tow vehicle in one lump sum without a big hit to the nest egg. We don't want to be making payments on either when we head out if at all possible, so should we buy the rig now making payments while the paychecks are still coming in and then pay it off when it's time to go (or before) or should we wait and save as much as we can? We currently have a toyhauler that is not paid off so we would be trading it in on our future home. The thought of using are current rig has crossed our minds but both of us feel the living space is too small and it's just not right for us to fulltime in. 




Phil and Rudee
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Hey Phil,

I'm in the same boat and I feel your pain.  5-7 years is a long time and if you purchase the rig now, it will be that old when you do hit the road.  But the idea to buy now and make payments until you hit the road is certainly attractive as well.

A couple of thoughts, if you purchase now and finance, what kind of a hit will you take on depreciation?  If you can put down a little more down payment and not be upside down on your loan, it might be better to get it now.  There will be that much less to pay off when you hit the road.

It does take time to tinker with a new rig and get it just "right".  Purchasing now would give you that time for getting all the new add on's done and learn the rig inside and out.  You'd have time to exterminate all the new rig "bugs" too. 

I would not buy the TV now.  You'd have 5-7 years worth of wear and tear and mileage on it, better to hold off on that one.

We are looking at Class A DPs for purchase in the very near future.  We are looking to be on the road in no more than 5 years, hopefully, much less.  Our reasoning for purchasing a DP is they last a long time and in 5 years, it will be just broken in.  On our current Class A gas MH, we bought it new in 2003 and have put 41K miles on it already, and we are part timers, just a week or so vacations and weekends.  If we keep it several more years, it will have very little resale value and of course, the DP will cost that much more.

It is nice to have your rig a little while in advance, you get very familiar with the workings of it and when (not if) it breaks, you may be able to handle the repairs yourself rather than getting work done at a RV service center where it will cost you a lot.

As to keeping your current rig, if you have doubts about it now, go with your gut feelings and move on.  It will not keep you happy if you FT it. 

Bottom line, in my opinion, I'd get the trailer now if it's financially doable for you and enjoy it.  I'd wait on the TV.  Life is short enough and you never know what can happen 5 years down the road, you'll have fun using the trailer now.

Best Regards!

-- Edited by Old Snipe at 20:46, 2006-10-03

Paul D
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I would definitely not buy either the tow vehicle or the rig now. Why start fulltiming with equipment that is 5-7 years old? Technology is constantly changing, and I would think you would want to begin your new life with the best there is.

Also I don't see any value in making payments on a loan which would involve you paying a bank interest. Why not just open a special savings account that PAYS YOU interest, and put that same amount in your own account. Then when you are ready to hit the road, you'll have the money you need to make your purchase.

Jo Wishnie


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I second the above motion. Save and when the time comes you hit the road with no machanical problems that could cost you a lot of money. Also the future will bring change. I have a 1999 3500 Dodge with 80,000 miles that I just put $6,000 into. I did it thinking that I only use it part time rving and how could I justify a new $50,000 dollar truck. If you do not like your toy hauler trade for something you will enjoy for the next five years. I bought a one year used HR for half its selling price. Good luck. Rob

1999 Dodge 3500, 1995 Lance 945 truckcamper, 2002 32' Alumiscape 5th wheel. 2004 BMW 330i performance.
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