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Post Info TOPIC: Settling?

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Hi Howard,


I hope your dad is doing better.  I continue saying my prayers for him.


Question -- in one of your recent posts, you were talking about various anxieties when getting ready to move after being in a spot for a while.  One of them was concerns about how things may have "settled." 

Can you please elaborate on what those concerns would be?  We've been in 1 location now for almost 2 months, and will probably be here for at least another month or 2 (possibly even through the winter).  What should we be aware of when we're finally ready to move on?  Anything we should look at to maintain or do in the interim?




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We tend to worry about any mechanical parts of the RV that don't get used when sitting for months at a time (i.e. slideouts, jacks, etc.) and we are always concerned about tires, wheels, brakes, and any part of our running gear that may have rusted or lost its lubrication.  We don't have automatic levelers, but we would worry about those too if we had them.  

Ideally, we should run the slides in and out each month, and it would be best for the RV to hitch it up and pull it at least a few miles (at least far enough to get the tires heated up and the brakes sufficiently tested) once a month.  That exercises the jacks & running gear and some of the protectorates in the tires will have the opportunity to heat up and provide the protection they are supposed to.  Also, when you re-park, the tires will be parked on a different part of the tread, thus helping to prevent flat spots.  Periodically exercising and lubricating steps is a good idea.  Motorhome engines (and tow vehicle engines) should be started and run periodically (according to owners manuals).  Basically, the goal is to use, exercise, and test all moving parts (such as awnings, compartment doors, etc.).  Also, check the roof periodically to make sure the caulk hasn't deteriorated and make sure to remove any standing water from the roof and from slide tops or slide toppers. 

I'm sure I'm leaving out many other things you can do, but I'm sure others will chime in to add.

Now, very few people ever really exercise the slides or pack up and move from their seasonal spots.  However, those that do will help prevent problems and they will identify issues that can be fixed BEFORE they are leaving and need to be somewhere.  It's good you are thinking about this.  :)


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FWIW, we've pulled in, set up and that about it until we leave 4+ months later. IF a really heavy storm, high winds we would pull in slides, that's about it. Never start engine unless we are going to travel at least 30 minutes. Wipe down jacks day before we leave, do monthly battery checks, that's it. We've been doing this for several years.



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We've run into animal nests when being in a location for more than a month...so definitely keep an eye our for that. Surprising how quickly a wasp nest can be built, plus we had bird nests in our slide. Slides are always a concern since you haven't used them, so we actually use both of us (Lee to watch and me to push the button) when we are pulling slides in for the first time in awhile.




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