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Post Info TOPIC: Resort Of Distinction... Your thoughts on this club.

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Resort Of Distinction... Your thoughts on this club.

Attended a seminar on this club and was wondering if anyone has anything to say about it. Here is the basic bottom line of what they are offering.

Your home base park you are able to stay 2wks out 1 week  Full hook ups.FREE (We were offered all parks in the New England area and all future parks to come as home base included as well 3 parks in NY eastern boarder)

Any park that is in the program (Resorts Of Distinction=ROD) 75 parks and adding more as time goes on. You are able to stay 1wk in,  2wks out FREE must make reservations.

Any other park that is part of Adventure Outdoor  Resorts (AOR) program well over a hundred parks.  you are able to stay at for $10.00 a day.

The other offer (Can't remember name) is %50 off price (NOT Thousand islands)

They (ROD) have a condo offer where you can stay at luxury condos at huge discount prices ( haven't really looked into this one much but will)

If you are in park and friends show up to visit there is no fee for friends to enter.

If you are a park and friends show up to camp it cost them $25.00 a night.

Ok as for $$$$ 

The buy in on that day was $4600.00 lifetime  and the membership is "Willable " to anyone.

Annual dues $364.00 yearly that go to Maintenance of your home base and employees. locked in for life it will not increase over the years. (Waived the 1st year you join and if you bring 5 people who join the program,  that fee is waived for life)

$150.00 yearly to the main office of program for making reservations and their pay checks.

It is a non-profit program so any $$$$ left over... They have a program where you rate parks over all performance. the highest rated park gets a higher share of the leftover $$$ and broken down from there to the lesser parks.

 This is the main points they offer.  Thank you for any thoughts or comments.   Chris.


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I know many with ROD and there are some restrictions they don't tell you about.
1) You have to stay out of the system a week between stays. (They added this restriction a few years ago and many find it hampers their usage, a lot).
2) There are only a few campsites allocated at most ROD campgrounds, so you it is easy to find the park "full" when those sites are taken. Happens all the time in season.
3) The parks reserve the right to give you the sites they feel like. There are some that put their ROD (and others like Coast to Coast, RPI and AOR) into 30 amp water and electric or other third class citizen sites.

Your home park can leave ROD anytime. Happened with a couple parks, including Thousand Trails.

Check where those parks are to see if you will really use them. ROD is smaller than many other systems.

People rarely use the 50% off parks in these systems.

AOR is owned by Western Horizons Resorts (WHR) and WHR is in bad financial trouble and is shrinking. AOR is much smaller than either Coast to Coast (C2C) or RPI.

There are cheaper deals. The $4600 will take many years of usage to amortize.

With any membership, you need to determine if it will pay off for you. How many years are you going to use it? How many nights a year will you really use it? Only you can decide.

I have seen many feel that once they buy a membership they "have to use it to get their money's worth". This means they will only stay in the system, restricting their travels, restricting their camping experience, resenting any surcharges that pop up, and often making themselves miserable. If you feel you might be this kind of person, run away.


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Suggest you use the search button and type in "memberships" - you'll read pros and cons on all of them and the different points of view of those who have them. Bill Joyce is an expert on them all and has posted several times in detail about the various membership clubs.

Hope you find the answers you're looking for.



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I like the freedom of choosing where and when I want to stay.


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Walk away from this 'deal'. ROD is shrinking and is no longer as valuable as it once was. Lots of other possibilities out there. Have you looked into a Thousand Trails Zone Pass for a year to see if membership parks will work for you?



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Look in the for sale section on the Escapee's forum. There's a TT for sale there.


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