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Post Info TOPIC: Is There A List Somewhere?

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Is There A List Somewhere?

Just like there are pre and post check lists when purchasing your RV and checklists for packing up the RV is there a list somewhere on these boards for an exit plan to full timing?

We have the RV, the truck the desire etc.  We have decided it is time to put into place an exit plan to leave our jobs, first priority will be selling our home.

Specifically I am interested in a list of things to look for before I meet with a realtor.  We know some of the things we need to take care of like repair settling cracks and possibly fresh paint on the exterior.

I know about decluttering but I am wondering what did you full timers do with your family photos that were hanbing on the walls in your come did you give them to your kids?

Neither of us are retired as of yet though I will be 62 this year, he is behind me by two years, but we want off the rat race, the stress of his job is literally killing him.

We believe that being debt free when we hit the road full time we can survive with jobs and just simplifying our life will be so much more rewarding.

Our RV and truck are paid for, the biggest obstacle is selling the house since we live in a small sleepy town with maybe 1500 homes.  We are not upside down but we won't pocket a big check either when we sell and we are ok with that because the longer you own a home the more repairs are required.  We built this home ourselves 10 years ago and we both no longer have the desire to work on both our days off from our paying jobs to take care of a home 1800 sf is too big for two people!

We do not plan on touching our retirement accounts, our first focus will be on workcamp positions.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Susan & Gary

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We have to sell our house first before buying the RV. We've been planning for 3 years and it looks like, with any luck, we may be able to finally list it in the next week or 2.

I had my speech all planned out for my boss (hoping I could convince him to let me continue to work remotely), but turned out I was downsized first! A blessing in disguise, I suppose.

Almost finished purging. Hubby's tools has been the most difficult for him to figure out what to do with. As for photos on the walls and sentimental things that we really don't have room for and the kids don't want, we took photos of them and then threw them away (or donated the frames). We will eventually get around to putting all our photos into one of those digital frames which cycle through, but in the meantime, at least any time we want to look and them in nostalgic moments, we have them electronically.


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We just sold our home, bought our fifth wheel, and are setting up plans for our first summer on the road. I really can't tell you how you know when it is time, but for us it kind of just happened. Kenny was already retired due to health issues. We had our house up for sale & we were planning for my retirement in September of this year. Last Thanksgiving I was laid off after 26 years. I was really upset about it but life has a way of working out. In Feburary Kenny was having a total knee repacement and the same day we a full cash offer on our home. i wanted to back out because of so much to do but I knew we may not get another offer, because we lived in a small town like you.

Just start getting rid of stuff now. Don't wait till the house sales. Curb apeal is important. Your realtor can give you some ideas as to what needs to be done for it to sale. Just clean and do repairs, so that it will pass inspection. We moved out of a 3000 sqft home to our fifth wheel. We had an estate sale and got rid of almost everything. We bought a metal container and put it at a family member's home to store those little memories and seasonal stuff. We also have a cargo trailer we use where we are parked now. We are leaving for Colorado in July when I get back from a Florida trip I have had planned for quite awhile.

We are lucky enough to have a friend that is renting us an RV spot very cheap that will be out home base when we come home to visit the kids & grandkids. We are planning to workcamp next year, but for now we are just testing the waters.

Dont't give up. It will all fall into place. Just don't be afraid to let it happen. We are learning something new everyday.




Kenny & Brenda

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If you haven't already, read through the articles Howard and Linda have posted on the rv-dreams.com website. There is a lot of information regarding how they went about going fulltime and lessons learned throughout their years as fulltimers.


"Small House, Big Yard "

"May the FOREST be with you"
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