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Post Info TOPIC: Where do you sleep?

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Where do you sleep?

Where do you sleep?  Normally in the same place all the time?  The bunk over the cab if you've a Class C?  Or maybe the couch while on the road and then a double/queen when parked for a while?  Or??

My needs are a little bit different than most because I do carry stock to sell.  Before the weight police get their shorts in a shock, I keep an eye on what things weigh.  I might even wind up pulling a small trailer depending on weight, balance, and volume. 

I have a 27' Class C with a rear corner bed.  It's pretty typical- one side and the top are against the walls.  The bottom is half penned in, as is the top 1 1/2 foot of the open side.  At least the mattress can be flipped because it isn't cut off at the corner like so many.  I kind of figured it would be a pain to make up and haven't been disappointed.  The rest of the unit and the purchase price more than make up for the few drawbacks.  I've also got the usual dinette that converts and the "over the cab" berth.

I've been stationary and using the rear bed.  Although I've become fairly adept at changing sheets and making the bed, I'm considering other options.  I was thinking about sleeping over the cab on the road because I don't want much heavy stuff up there anyway.  That would leave the whole rear bed for storage- with or without the mattress (and they aren't light).  For those who use it, do you find the bed over the cab inconvenient while traveling?  Bedding?  I'm in my mid fifties and in fair shape.  I expect to move 5 or 6 times a week.

I also thought of removing the rear full mattress and putting a twin or smaller mattress on the "box", making it easier to change and make up.  That will still allow some extra storage.  Merchandise is usually in "banana boxes" so a row would go easily against the long wall.  I'm still selling out of my full size van so my stock isn't in the RV yet.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Different ideas?  Anybody doing something similar?  The vendors I know with Class C's won't be back in Ohio for another 2 or 3 weeks.

How about Trava-saks?  They look like very expensive sleeping bags that "zip" up both sides with a liner.  Pretty close?  Many like them but my searches showed some that voiced my concern as a problem.  "Rumpled" sheets inside the "bag", I guess you'd call it.  If I liked rumpled, lumpy sheets I probably wouldn't bother to make the bed in the first place.  Have you found "rumpled and lumpy" a problem?  Or just get used to it?  I will need some sort of bedding for the "upper" bunk if I use it- maybe just my lightest sleeping bag?  It washes and dries quite easily, but as permanent bedding???

One other question for Trava-sak users though, what do you put over the mattress?  Just a "normal" pad/cover?  Or some sort of huge pillow case or tick?  I'm not really a neat freak but I'm thinking you'd protect the mattress with something launderable that is fairly sturdy and reasonable looking.

I probably won't decide what to do with the dinette and the "captain's" chairs (with that too tall table between) across the center aisle until fall.  Either or both may go or stay.  I'd kind of like to keep two "seat belts" in the back.  The dinette has 4 and the chairs 2.  That's 8 legal seats total and I don't know 7 people (left alive) crazy enough to ride with me. 

I'm thinking out loud, trying to get a few ideas and some options in mind.  The weather has been so lousy I'll be stationary for another month.  I've got too much to do locally emptying some storage areas and arranging to rent others.

Its raining today.  Again.




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I recently read a post where somebody replaced their uncomfortable standard RV bed with two mattresses. One firmer four inch mattress that they covered and then essentially left untouched. And on top of that a softer two inch mattress that they actually changed the sheets on. I would think something like a mattress topper might work? Anyway, I thought it was a neat idea. Don't know if it would work for you or not.


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My favorite spot to fall asleep is in the Recliner!!!!........my rig has a queen size magic bed that lowers electrically from the ceiling ....push a button down it comes.....some nights I just sit in the recliner and thats all it takes


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When we first began RVing we used two sleeping bags zipped together. When we saw the ads for the Travasak, my DW took two thin quilted bed spreads (a cotton blend material) and sewed them together across the bottom and halfway up the sides. She created our own Travasak. It worked great. Was cool in the summer and worked most of the time in the winter, if it got too cold we used a blanket on top of it.

Most of the flea marketeers we sold with towed a small enclosed trailer with their stock and tables in it. That left the MH free as living space while travelling. We have a 5th wheel so our stock was kept in the back of the truck and storage compartments when we travelled.


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We have used the two sleeping bag approach, a made up with sheets queen bed and now a full size bed fold down style with a Travasak. Love the Travasak. The queen bed was nice except we had to add a 4" memory foam mattress because the original mattress was so uncomfortable. It was difficult to make up due to tight space around the bed.
In our refurbished vintage the extra large dinette folds down to a true full size bed on which we throw out the Travasak. We had extra thick foam with the firmness/softness we like made on the dinette. I think if you spread out the set and smooth it, we don't have a big issue with rumpled sheets. Make sure you have the right sized sheets.



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