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Post Info TOPIC: Musings, thoughts and lessons from our first nine months of full timing

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Musings, thoughts and lessons from our first nine months of full timing

A few years ago, when we were planning I would visit RV dreams almost daily. I certainly learned a lot and got plenty of information. From the journal and the forum.

But as with much in life, until you do it is when you learn a bit more.

To those planning, perhaps some insight, to those who have been living the life-style longer, perhaps a few chuckles.


There Is no one/ right way to full-time. In our rookie year we drive mostly on interstates and stay at privately owned campgrounds.

I'm glad we got a motorhome with full front to back access with slides in. A place to park is a rest stop without having to go outside.


Other, in no particular order.

A campground web site will make a place appear to be better than it is. Campendium  and Google reviews are closer to real.

Reserve only if you have to, holidays, or peak season. Our travel plans have sometimes changed several times in one week.

When filling your fresh water tank, have that be the only thing you are doing.

Holding tank gauges are "useless". I don't even trust the fresh water one.

18 wheelers will almost always move over to let you enter, cars will almost always try to cut in front of you.

You will get no courtesy when driving a four door car with FL plates in Denver.

Your mirrors are your friends.

Eventually you will be able to turn around, of course looking at Google satellite ahead of time is a good idea.

We started off with too much stuff, and have forgotten where some of it is. We purged our house, time to purge our new home.

Foil insulation is a great room darkener, and better than no insulation. 

Have a supply of hose washers, or get better ones than I did.

Gorilla tape is far superior to ordinary duct tape. 

When you use up something you purchased in a regional supermarket, you will recall a good time you had in that area.

When following the weather, your money may too.

Be cautious when opening cabinet doors after traveling, even if you secured things.

A closed Y connector makes a good leak stopper on your water filter when not in use, plus then its handy when you hook back up.

You will be able to tow your car with the emergency brake on, the car will still stop during regular use. This should only happen once.

Not everyone gets that you actually live Just in your RV, they wonder when you're going home.

If they do understand it, they either express "jealousy" or still don't get it.

As we are from New York, most people will know that within the first few words of a conversation.

If your ice cream is soft, you waited too long to defrost.

It's a lifestyle, not a vacation.

Once in a while you need to take your life on a vacation.

It's much easier to arrive during daylight.

Drive less, stay more.

If you're going to break down in Wyoming, pick the Cheyenne area.

The motel room will seem very spacious, at first.

Your dog will know which RV is home.

Sometimes, even a simple question or comment will start a debate on this forum.


Safe travels,

Bill and Laurie






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Wonderful thoughts. Thank you.


Winnebago TT 2101DS & Tahoe LTZ, 300 watts WindyNation solar-parallel w/MPPT, 2 Trojan T-125s. TALL flag pole. Prefer USFS, COE, BLM, USF&WS, NPS, TVA, state/county campgrounds. 14 year Army vet-11B40 then 11A - old MOS 1542 & 1560.

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After over 11 years on the road, we agree totally. You must be a fulltimer.......


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I'm imagining some interesting stories behind many of those lessons!

Thanks for sharing.


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I especially like the one about the parking brake. I found out one time you can go about 5 miles in a 1974 Ford van with the parking brake on before it starts smoking. Please don't ask how I know. I can also identify with the comment about "...still don't get it." I get the same reaction some times when I tell folks I travel on my motorcycle.


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Nailed it!biggrin



John & Dawna

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Thanks for the insight. Especially the part of about the dog knowing which RV is home. We took our dogs on an extended vacation in a rental motorhome. They both seemed to really enjoy it, most likely because "their people" were with them all the time.


Mark from Missouri

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