I've got a question for everyone. Once we get our house sold, we will be living in a mobile home park for an extended time until we retire. Doing such, it would be nice to have a sewer sytem other than expandable, flexible hose. That way, when the tanks are dumped there would be no holding water in the "v's" of the flexible hose.

On RV Dreams this last winter, one RV'er spoke of the water staying in those grooves and then beginning to build up until the whole hose was blocked with ice during the winter. With PVC pipe, there would be none of that.

At the same time, should we go somewhere and then return, if I ended up parking an inch or two off from the previous time, a fixed length pipe might not fit right at the park sewer input pipe.

Now, have said all that, I ran across a product called Eze Kleen that would seem to alleviate the issue of some flexibilty, but still be PVC. So, if you would, check out the link below.

The question would be: Has anyone used this product, or does anyone know of another system that might work similarly? The price on this system would be $275.