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Post Info TOPIC: Another Idea for Leveling Blocks

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Another Idea for Leveling Blocks

I am getting into the need of a wider board for use under one side or our Mobile Suites on our RV pad.  I currently have a 2X6 under it now, but I really need it to be wider so it is is easier to get "centered" on the board when I back up on it.  The 2X6 us just barely wider than the tires.

I had considered a 2X8 treated board and mentioned it to Jo.  She asked if it would be easier to use the "snap together" plastic blocks instead  Her thought was that they would be lighter and easier to store.  So, I got online to research the prices of the plastic blocks.

When I did, I ran across a website for someone else that apparently does a lot more boon-docking than not.  He had posted his solution on his website.  Instead of a bunch of boards or the plastic blocks, he went and got a barn stall mat and cut it up.  Read all about it and see his pictures at the link below.  He even makes suggestions as to the easiest way to cut the stall mat.

When I priced stuff yesterday, the 2X8 treated lumber was around $8, the plastic blocks (for just a very few) was around $35 at the RV dealership, and the barn stall mat at Tractor Supply in Mustang, OK was $25.  The barn stall mats there are like the ones in the link's article in that they are 3/4" X 4' X 6'.  How the Tractor Supply ones are different is that they don't have the "channels" running the length of the mat.

The one issue that "might" be a factor with the stall mats is that being rubber, they will compress a little with the weight of the trailer.




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Thanks for the link Terry, definently will be checking into makeing some blocks. Wider and non-slip, great idea.


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I'm assuming that the price for the 2x8 is for an 8' board. If that's all that you need, then that certainly wins the price competition. Another consideration is weight, and the plastic blocks probably win that one. The mat might be the overall winner, though, if the weight isn't any more than the 2x8. You can cut the strips, and use only the number you need to get the level right.

Keep us posted on what you end up deciding.


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Terry, I have been using 2x8x30" pressure treated boards for the 3 1/2 years we have been fulltiming. They work but they crack in fact some have split into 2 pieces but I contimue to use them. I have to place 2 of these end to end to make it long enough for both wheels. The idea of using horse mats sounds like a good idea. We used them when we had horses. I wouldn't worry about them compressing, they are very dense. If I decide to use them I will probably cut them into 60" strips to make it easier. I will still keep at least 2 of my boards to put on bottom if I get into soft or real uneven ground where the wheels would sit. I would never recommend 2x6s. You need full contact on the tire and 2x6 is too hard to line up exactly. Just my 2 cents.


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We move around a lot and just about always need blocks on one side due to a design imbalance in our rig.

We've been using the solid yellow blocks for years now without any real problems. There are a couple of different brands, we use Ramble.

The orange ones by Lynx, with the vertical openings are not very sturdy and break easily.

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Luvglass wrote:
We've been using the solid yellow blocks for years now without any real problems. There are a couple of different brands, we use Ramble.

We have yellow ones too, but they are not solid. Not sure of the brand but, we purchased them at Camping World. The one thing that really annoys me is that when we're on gravel, particularly coarse stones, the stone become embedded in the back of the "block" and are very difficult to remove, and also deform the "block".

I now use 8X2 planks (freebies) for the wheels, and 9 inch cuts of 4X4 for everything else. I got four 4X4 deck posts from Home Depot for about $20 for all four, and they cut them up into 9 inch lengths for free!  :)


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I have one of those mats laying on the floor of my garage that I have been trying to get rid of. Now I have a use for it. When the weather warms a little I'm going to start cutting it into blocks. Even if it doesn't work it will only cost me the time and it will be easier to get rid of. Thanks for the link.





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My two cents worth.
I use plain old 2x6 lumber for my blocks, unless one is staying a long time in one place I see no need for treated wood and if one or two get too muddy I can just leave it!
I also put a string on the short side that has both ends of the string nailed to the board. I can grab 4 or more very easy, place them and also retreiive them just as easliy.
Use the string as a handle.

I also have a number of blocks made of 4x6 when more height is needed. OH , all have one end cut on a 45 degree angle and all are 12 inches long, I store them in two plastic milk crates.
I have 4 4x6 blocks with square ends to use under the stabilizers, these have the string handles as well.
As always YMMV



Patterson, La.



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